Josh’s adventures truly started at the age of sixteen when he was almost killed and made his first bribe while travelling and climbing through East Africa. This is when he saw the complexities of humanity and culture clearly for the first time.

He then served in Britain’s elite Royal Marines Commandos and Special Operations Units. From Afghanistan to the Middle East, snowy mountain tops to sweaty jungles, Josh encountered a wide variety of military operations and training.

Josh then moved into the private security sector, working as an advisor for Maritime companies at the height of Somali piracy. He worked throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Faced with dynamic challenges, he continually improvised, adapted to, and overcame those challenges.

Seeking peace and new adventures, Josh pursued his passion of climbing pillars of ice, rock, and mountains around the world. In June 2016, at the age of thirty-one, Josh fell 65 feet while climbing. Josh faced major injuries from the accident, including paralysis below the chest.

Despite all of this, Josh was undeterred, and was determined to face spinal cord injury as his biggest challenge yet. He has taken all of the energy, focus, and positive mindset he used to overcome previous challenges, and is determined to endure beyond the constraints of his injury. Four months after his accident, Josh began hand cycling, and is now training and racing full time. He strives to constantly push his mind and body further than he had ever imagined possible, and to encourage others to embrace and overcome adversity for themselves.